My Book is Available for Sale

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes


This is the cover of the commercial release, recently out of proof, and ready for production. There are still copies available right now of the Special Limited Edition, with the notorious limited edition “big ass cover,” available signed and numbered (in an edition of 100) and meant for private distribution, and accessible at the URL below

If you want the commercial release, in its first edition, with the cover shown here, admittedly more reflective of the subject matter, the tone, the character of the writing, and far less likely to draw snickers and complaints from friends and strangers alike, you’ll have to wait. There will be an announcement of availability, for on-line purchase and sales in a first run of a limited number of retail outlets.

I am still pondering Amazon sales options, and still actively seeking either an agent or a publisher to handle distribution and marketing.

But why wait, it’s available now in a Private Limited Edition, bound to be a notorious collector’s item?

Or wait. I need the money, but it’s OK. I don’t want you to be unhappy.

If you can’t wait, or pity or unbridled enthusiasm for my irrepressible and unique personality and creativity motivate you to act now, here’s the URL of a secure Web page to take your order for a book I will rush to you personally, as fast as my medium size legs can take me to the post office:

Click anywhere on this sentence for access to a secure Web page to buy “SAME DIFFERENCE” by Howard Dinin

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