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To quote my friend and neighbor Martha, "Ain’t technology grand?"

I have added a spiffy link to the sidebar on the left-hand side of this page. Scroll down carefully. It’s there. Honest. It’s all in type, so it may be a little hard to see: it appears right after the end of the handy list of Categories…

If you click on this link, which says something like "Subscribe to Per Diem Updates by Email" (in fact, that’s exactly what it says—just another indication of my irrepressible modesty, if not of my manifest anxiety about being wrong), you will be taken to a page on the site.

This asks for your email address. They will then send a confirmation email with a link in it, and once you click on that, you will be "subscribed."

Then you never again have to read another falsely timorous, excruciatingly self-conscious, and embarrassingly unfunny reminder from me that there is a new essay on the blog (doesn’t the use of "essay" and "blog" with mutual reference to one another constitute an irresolvable internal inconsistency not unrelated to oxymoron?).

You can unsubcribe any time. It’s very easy to do, I’m told—just 39 steps and two forms to fill out.

Really not.

Just another thoughtful service from moi.

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  1. At last, a bastion of culture in this otherwise barren Valley of Ashes…

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