Welcome to the nearly normal

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I’m Howard Dinin. This is a new blog, though I’m not new to writing a blog. I’ve had blogs since 2004. I needed a new one.

This one will be more personal, more philosophical. Given my propensity to be wordy (the other blogs would run entries with as many as six or seven thousand words: essays in other words), this blog will have posts much more brief and focused.

I’ve given it the name 1 standard deviation because I hope it will be seen for what it is, a slightly askew, certainly personal view of the world, but not that far from what most people see when they look around. It’s the way we learn to make our way in the world. That is, by paying heed to hearing what others say when they account for what they see when they look at the very same things we do. Sometimes the real truth is in the differences.

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